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Björn SKIFS+BLÅBLUS - Out Of The Blue

Release Date: 1974
Support: CD (I Have)
Production: Official
Language: English


Emi House Label


1Out Of The Blue3.58
2Why Don'T You Go Your Way  (Björn SKIFS) 
3The Devil Made Me Do It  (Björn SKIFS) 
4I Used To Love This City  (Björn SKIFS) 
5I'M Wonderin'  (Björn SKIFS) 
6Doctor Rock'N'Roll  (Björn SKIFS) 
7Don'T Be Fooled By The Name3.52
8Flashback  (Björn SKIFS)3.30
9(You'Ve Got To) Tell It Like It Is  (Björn SKIFS) 
10I Didn'T Sing In The New York Subway3.07

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