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Jesus-Christ Superstar Musical - Jesus Christ Supestar (1996 Version)

Release Date: 1996
Support: CD (I Have)
Production: Autorized
Language: English


Jesus-Christ Superstar MusicalSinger


1Overture  (INCONNU)  {Version 1996}
2Heaven On Their Minds  (INCONNU)  {Version 1996}
3Whats The Buzz ,Strange Thing, Mystifying  (ABBA (RELATED))  {Version 1996}    ag
4Everything'S Alright  (ABBA (RELATED))  {Version 1996}    ag
5This Jesus Must Die  (INCONNU)  {Version 1996}
6Hosanna  (INCONNU)  {Version 1996}
7Simon Zealotes,Poor Jerusalem  (INCONNU)  {Version 1996}
8Pilate'S Dream  (INCONNU)  {Version 1996}
9The Temple  (ABBA (RELATED))  {Version 1996}    ag
10Everything'S Alright  (ABBA (RELATED))  {Version 1996 Rreprise}    ag
11I Don'T Know How To Love Him  (ABBA (RELATED))  {Version 1996}    ag
12Damned For All Time/Blood Money  (INCONNU)  {Version 1996}
1The Last Supper  (INCONNU)  {Version 1996}
2Gethsemane  (INCONNU)  {(I Only Want To Say) (I Only Want To Say) Version 1996}
3The Arrest  (INCONNU)  {Version 1996}
4Peter'S Denial  (ABBA (RELATED))  {Version 1996}    ag
5Pilate And Christ  (INCONNU)  {Version 1996}
6King Herod'S Song  (INCONNU)  {Version 1996}
7Could We Start Again Please?  (INCONNU)  {Version 1996}
8Judas' Death  (INCONNU)  {Version 1996}
9Trial Before Pilate  (INCONNU)  {Version 1996}
10Superstar  {Version 1996}
11Crucifixion  (INCONNU)  {Version 1996}
12John Nineteen-Forty-One  (INCONNU)

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