datABBAse - CD

Jesus-Christ Superstar Musical - Polish Cast (Teatr Rozrywki)

Release Date: 03/02/2012
Support: CD (I Have)
Production: Official
Language: Polish


2Heaven On Their Minds
3What'S The Buzz    ag
4Strange Thing Mystifying
5Everything'S Alright    ag
6This Jesus Must Die
8Simon Zealotes
9Poor Jerusalem
10Poor Jerusalem  {Reprise}
11Pilate'S Dream
12The Temple    ag
13The Temple  {Reprise}    ag
14The Temple  {Reprise 2}    ag
15I Don'T Know How To Love Him    ag
16Damned For All Time/Blood Money
18The Last Supper
19The Last Supper  {Reprise}
21The Arrest
22The Arrest  {Reprise 2}
23The Arrest  {Reprise}
24Peter'S Denial    ag
25Peter'S Denial  {Reprise}    ag
26Pilate And Christ  {Reprise}
27King Herod'S Song
28Judas' Death
29Trial Before Pilate
30Trial Before Pilate  {Reprise}
31Could We Start Again Please?  {Reprise}
32Medley Superstar & Crucifixion
33Medley John Nineteen-Forty-One & Conclusion
34Final Song
35Hosanna  {Bis}
36Hosanna  {Bis 2}
37Hosanna  {Bis 3}

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