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BLUE SWEDE+Björn SKIFS - Hooked On A Feeling - 40th Anniversary Collection

Release Date: 2014
Support: CD (I do Not Have)
Production: Official Compilation
Language: English


Parlophone Music House Label
Warner Music House Label


1Hooked On A Feeling  (Björn SKIFS+BLÅBLUS)2.52
2Half-Breed  (Björn SKIFS)2.51
3I Didn'T Sing In The New York Subway  (Björn SKIFS+BLÅBLUS)3.07
4Break The Spell  (Björn SKIFS)3.35
5A Song For You  (Björn SKIFS)3.54
6Never My Love  (Björn SKIFS)2.29
7Don'T Be Fooled By The Name  (Björn SKIFS+BLÅBLUS)3.52
8Hush/I´M Alive!  (Björn SKIFS)3.28
9Straight Back To You  (Björn SKIFS+Jessica FOLCKER)4.19
10Firefly  (Björn SKIFS)3.35
11Silly Milly  (Björn SKIFS)  {Swedish}2.55
12Working In The Coalmine  (Björn SKIFS)2.34
13Out Of The Blue  (Björn SKIFS+BLÅBLUS)4.00
14New York City Is Waiting  (Björn SKIFS)3.02
15I Could Never Leave You  (Björn SKIFS)6.49
16Pinewood Rally  (Björn SKIFS)2.55
17Chevrolet  (Björn SKIFS)2.37
18Destiny  (Björn SKIFS)2.32
19Fixing A Broken Heart  (Björn SKIFS)3.41
20Let Music Live  (Björn SKIFS)3.45

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