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What Can I Do

Original Version

Legend for albums support: I do Not Have I Have I Seek
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The Bottles 1
What Can I Do  English


2014 Spår CD0.48

Janne Lucas 2
What Can I Do


Brita Olofsdotter-Persson Autor
Janne Lucas Autor /Musician
Rutger Gunnarsson Arrangement
Thomas Johansson Musician
Bengt Andersson Musician
Ingvar Grahn Musician
Janne Kling Musician
Lars O. Carlsson Musician
Sveriges Radios Symfonio OrkesteMusician
Jan Jansson Musician
Gustavo Bergalli Musician
Jan Kohlin Musician
Olle Ramm Sound Ingenieur
Åke Grahn Sound Ingenieur
Torgny Söderberg Sound Ingenieur


1978 Solfeggietto LP3.56

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