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Officials Albums

The ABBA Generation CD 1999

1Mamma Mia  {Radio Version}    ab3.45
2Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)    ab3.56
3Super Trouper    ab3.52
4One Of Us    ab3.56
5Voulez-Vous    ab3.41
6S.O.S.    ab3.12
7Dancing Queen    ab3.42
8Take A Chance On Me    ab3.52
9Lay All Your Love On Me  {ABBAmania 2005}    ab4.04
10The Name Of The Game    ab4.20
11Our Last Summer    ab4.28


New Arrival CD 2003

2Have A Little Faith In Me3.01
3Shame Shame Shame2.52
4Let Your Heart Do All The Talking3.24
5A Perfect Match3.00
6The Letter    he2.55
7Cross My Heart3.35
8In The Blink Of An Eye3.30
9School'S Out  (A*TEENS+Alice COOPER)3.02
10Closer To Perfection3.10
12One Night In Bangkok    ch3.31
13Can'T Help Falling In Love3.05
14Heartbreak Lullaby  {Edit Ballad Version}4.08
15Under The Sea 
16Upside Down  {Almighty Mix} 


Officials Single

Super Trouper CDS 1999


Greatest Hits CD 2004

14 Hits CD 2005

DVD & Videos

2001 DVD Collection The DVDSinger

Others Albums & Singles

Mamma Mia (CD Maxi, Sweden) CDS 1999

Super Trouper (Promo LP, U.K.) LP 1999

Super Trouper (Mc) 12" 1999

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (CD Maxi, Sweden) CDS 1999

Happy New Year (CD Maxi, Sweden) CDS 1999

Dance Remixes CD 1999

Super & Mega Mix CDS 1999

A*Teens En Chile CDS 2000

Dancing Queen (CD Maxi Sweden) CDS 2000

Extr-A*Teens CDS 2000

Associates an a Album

1999 ABBA Generation (CD Album, Canada) The CDSinger
1999 ABBA Generation (CD Album, Japan) The CDSinger
1999 ABBA Generation (CD Album, Usa) The CDSinger
1999 ABBA Generation (Remix, Japan) The CDSinger
1999 ABBA Generation (CD Album, Germany) The CDSinger
1999 ABBA Generation (Album Promo, Japan) The CDSinger
1999 ABBA Generation (Mc) The K7Singer
1999 Super Trouper (CD Maxi, Sweden) CDSSinger
1999 Super Trouper (CD Maxi, Uk Part 1) CDSSinger
1999 Super Trouper (CD Maxi Uk Part 2) CDSSinger
1999 Super Trouper (Promo, Sweden) CDSSinger
1999 Super Trouper (Single 7 Tracks) CDSSinger
1999 Happy New Year (CD Single, Sweden) CDSSinger
1999 Tribute To ABBA CDSinger
1999 Mamma Mia 4 Remixes Exclusivos CDSSinger
2000 Dancing Queen (CD Single, Usa) CDSSinger
2000 Dancing Queen (CD Single Sweden) CDSSinger
2000 Super Trouper (CD Single, Sweden) CDSSinger
2001 Halfway Around The World (CD Maxi, Uk) CDSSinger
2001 Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (CD Single, Sweden) CDSSinger
2001 Mamma Mia (CD Single, Sweden) CDSSinger
2001 Mamma Mia (Mc, U.K.) 12"Singer
2001 Mamma Mia (CD Maxi, Uk Part 1) CDSSinger
2001 Mamma Mia (CD Maxi, Uk Part 2) CDSSinger
2001 Mamma Mia (CD Single, Usa) CDSSinger
2001 Mamma Mia (Promo, Sweden) CDSSinger
2001 Mamma Mia (Promo, U.S.) CDSSinger
2001 Mamma Mia (Promo LP, U.K.) LPSinger
2001 Mamma Mia (Promo LP, Japan) LPSinger
2001 Upside Down (CD Single, Usa) CDSSinger

Legend for the Songs
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ABBA Generation Megamix 2002Singer
ABBA Megamix 1999Singer
Angeleyes 2006Singer
Dancing Queen 2009Singer
Dancing Queen 2008Singer
Euro Megamix 1999Singer
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! 1999 {(A Man After Midnight)}Singer
Happy New Year 1999Singer
Honey, Honey 1999Singer
Interview In Mexico 2010Singer
Knowing Me, Knowing You 1999Singer
Lay All Your Love On Me 1999Singer
Mamma Mia 1999Singer
Medley 1999Singer
Megamix 1999Singer
One Night In Bangkok 2002Singer
One Of Us 1999Singer
Oops I Did The Dancing Queen A*TEENS+Britney SPEARS 1999Singer
Our Last Summer 1999Singer
Ring Ring 1999Singer
S.O.S. 1999Singer
Super Trouper 1999Singer
Take A Chance On Me 1999Singer
The ABBA Generation 2009Singer
The Letter 2002Singer
The Name Of The Game 1999Singer
The Visitors 1999 {(Crackin' Up)}Singer
Voulez-Vous 1999Singer
Waterloo 2011Singer
ĄDame! ĄDame! ĄDame! 1999 {(Amor Esta Noche)}Singer

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