datABBAse - CD

The Hep Stars - 5 CD Album Orignal Serien

Release Date: 2012
Support: CD (I do Not Have)
Production: Official Compilation
Language: English


The Hep StarsSinger


1Cadillac    he 2.38
2Be My Baby    he 2.55
3That'S When Your Heartaches Begin    he 3.54
4Send Me Some Lovin'    he 2.53
5Young And Beautiful    he 2.31
6Rockin' Love    he 2.52
7No Response    be 1.37
8I'Ll Never Quite Get Over You    he 3.16
9Sweet Little Sixteen    he 2.14
10Oh Carol    af 2.14
11Then She (He) Kissed Me    he 3.02
12Bald Headed Woman    he 2.07
13Kana Kapila  {Swedish}    he 1.39
14I Got A Woman    he 2.05
15A Tribute To Buddy Holly    he 2.50
16Bird Dog    he 1.54
17If You Need Me    he 2.20
18Summertime Blues    he 1.51
19Farmer John    he 1.52
20Donna    he 2.50
1Cadillac  {Live}    he 2.24
2What'D I Say  {Live}    he 2.52
3Donna  {Live}    he 3.05
4What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For?  {Live}    he 1.45
5So Mystifying  {Live}    he 2.42
6Only You  {Live}    he 3.28
7Wear My Ring Around Your Neck  {Live}    he 1.48
8Surfin' Bird  {Live}    he 1.22
9Tallahassee Lassie  {Live}    he 1.59
10No Response  {Live}    be 1.32
11If You Need Me  {Live}    he 2.17
12Farmer John  {Live}    he 1.12
13Bald Headed Woman  {Live}    he 2.27
14Whole Lotta Shak-In' Goin' On  {Live}    he 5.34
1No Time    ho 2.43
2The Birds In The Sky    he 3.10
3Consolation    be 3.25
4Easy To Fool    he 2.31
5Sound Of Eve    be 3.09
6Isn'T It Easy To Say    bb 2.56
7Lady, Lady    be 1.50
8Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream    he 2.18
9Morning Comes After Night    he 2.11
10I'Ve Said It All Before    he 2.46
11Wedding    be 2.58
1Medley Folkpark  {Live Premier Medley}    he
    Shake  {Medley Live 1967}    he
    Svenne I Love You  {Medley Live}    he
    We Say Yeah  {Medley Live}    he
2Let It Be Me  {Live}    he 2.00
3Medley Folkpark  {Live Seconde Partie}    he
    Going Out Of My Head  {Medley Live}    he
    Can'T Take My Eyes Off You  {Medley Live}    he
4You Keep Me Hangin' On  {Live}    he 2.32
5Medley Folkpark  {Live Troisième Partie}    he
    Svart-Vit Calypso  {Medley Live}    he
    Naturbarn  {Medley Live}    he
    Pata Pata  {Medley Live}    he
    Charlotte'S Children Game  {Medley Live}    he
6Medley Folkpark  {Live Quatrième Partie}    he
    Groovy Summertime  {Medley Live}    he
    Shake  {Medley Live 1969}    he
7Holiday For Clowns    he 2.14
8A Flower In My Garden    bb 2.09
9Save Your Heart For Me    he 2.31
10Bilden Av Dig  {Swedish}    he 2.12
11Suddenly Tomorrow Is Today    be 3.00
12Warten Auf Den Tag  {German}    he 2.37
13Songs We Sang  {Swedish}    be 3.31
1I Natt Jag Drömde  {Swedish}    he 2.19
2Mot Okänt Land  {Swedish}    he 3.01
3Bilden Av Dig  {Swedish}    he 2.12
4Är Det Inte Kärlek, Säg  {Swedish}    st 4.23
5Speleman  {Swedish}    bb 3.49
6Sagan Om Lilla Sofi  {Swedish}    be 3.04
7Precis Som Alla Andra  {Swedish}    bb 2.23
8Någonting Har Hänt  {Swedish}    sl 3.12
9Jag Vet  {Swedish}    he 3.20
10I Sagans Land  {Swedish}    he 2.31
11Tända På Varann  {Swedish}    he 2.31

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