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_Various - ABBA Covers 2015

Release Date: 15/04/2016
Support: DVD (I Have)
Production: Bootleg
Language: English


_ABBA (Tribute)Singer
Thorsven RecordsHouse Label


1Happy New Year  (REPUBLICA)  {Video}    ab 3.32
2La Loi Du Plus Fort  (NOÉMIE PROJECT)  {French Video}    ab 2.02
3Gracias A La Música  (Milagros ALVARADO)  {Spanish Video}    ab 4.20
4The Winner Takes It All  {Video The Voice Russia}    ab 4.39
5Waterloo  (SWEET CALIFORNIA)  {Video Que Tiempo Tan Feliz}    ab 2.00
6I'Ve Been Waiting For You  (COTTON CLUB SINGERS)  {Video TV2.Hu/Fem3cafe}    ab 3.40
7The Winner Takes It All  (KEUMCHI)  {Video}    ab 4.54
8Waterloo  (Elisa LINDSTRÖM)  {Video Så Skall Det Låta}    ab 1.31
9Dancing Queen  {Video Invigningen Inleds I Konståknings-Em TV}    ab 3.15
10Mamma Mia  (Tone RIDERS)  {Video}    ab 2.59
11S.O.S.  (ABBA'S BACK)  {Video The Moring Show}    ab 4.45
12The Winner Takes It All  {Video Maria, The Voice Kids Russia}    ab 2.05
13Legends Live  (_ABBA (RELATED))  {Video Belarusian TV-Show On Ont Channel}    ar
    The Winner Takes It All  (Patricia KURGANOVA)  {Video Legends Live}    ab
    Mamma Mia  (NAVIBAND)  {Video Legends Live}    ab
    Dancing Queen  (INGIR)  {Video Legends Live}    ab
    Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)  (Cherry LADY)  {Video Legends Live}    ab
    Waterloo  (K3TYVANA)  {Video Legends Live}    ab
    Thank You For The Music  (Alyona LANSKAYA)  {Video Legends Live}    ab
14Va Todo Al Ganador  {Spanish Video Paqui Y David Con Wycho Y Edyth Levántate La Final}    ab 4.01
15ABBA Medley  (Stefan WYATT)  {Video}    ab 3.43
16The Winner Takes It All  (GLEE CAST)  {Video Final Episode}    ab 2.19
17Waterloo  (Conchita WURST+Dana INTERNATIONAL)  {Video Eurovision 2015 Greatest Hits}    ab 1.17
18Boee Beshalom  (JEWISH CHUPPAH+HARP & LOVE)  {Video Hebreu}    ab 2.25
19I Have A Dream  (TEA AT FIVE FOR WEDDING)  {Video}    ab 4.10
20The Winner Takes It All  (MENTORI I STRUCNI TIMOVI)  {Video The Voice Croatia}    ab 2.43
21Waterloo  {Video Jurk! Parody}    ab 2.11
22Chiquitita  (Lola MONTIEL)  {Spanish Video Gala 30 Copla 8º Edición}    ab 5.14
23Thank You For The Music  {Video Angela, X Factor Indonesia Gala Show 02}    ab 3.28
24Lay All Your Love On Me  (Rob BECKINSALE)  {Video}    ab 4.13
25Super Trouper  (VOLLBRASSI)  {Video Blechduell Im Swr Fernsehen}    ab 3.53
26Fernando  {Swedish Video Sånggruppen Allsang Pa Skansen}    ab 3.46
27S.O.S.  (The YOUNG PROFESSIONALS)  {Video}    ab 3.33
28ABBA Medley  (Benjamín ROJAS+Felipe COLOMBO)  {Video Tu Cara Me Suena}    ab 2.25
29Allsång På Skansen  (ALCAZAR)  {Video}    ab
    Voulez-Vous  (ALCAZAR)  {Video At Allsang Pa Skansen}    ab
    Super Trouper  (ALCAZAR)  {Video Allsang Pa Skansen}    ab
30Dancing Queen  {Video Lotta På Liseberg 2015}    ab 3.40
31Live At Omroep Brabant  (ABBA FEVER)  {Video}    ab
    The Winner Takes It All  (ABBA FEVER)  {Video Live At Omroep Brabant}    ab
    Mamma Mia  (ABBA FEVER)  {Video Live At Omroep Brabant}    ab
    Knowing Me, Knowing You  (ABBA FEVER)  {Video Live At Omroep Brabant}    ab
    Waterloo  (ABBA FEVER)  {Video Live At Omroep Brabant}    ab
32The Winner Takes It All  (Rob LUNDGREN)  {Video Metal Cover And Live Acapella}    ab 5.09
33Money, Money, Money  (Leo MORACCHIOLI)  {Video}    ab 3.29
34Medley ABBA  {Video Liên Khúc M? Tâm Ft ??C Phúc Liveshow Chung K?T_Gi?Ng Hát Vi?T 2015 Season 3}    ab 8.56
35Voulez-Vous  (Ainsley HARRIOTT+Natalie LOWE)  {Video Tango Strictly Come Dancing}    ab 1.35
36Chiquittip  {Video Zondag Met Lubach S03- Aflevering 3 - A Special Surprise For Cecilia Malmström}    ab 2.22
37Take A Chance On Me  (STRATFORD EAST SINGERS)  {Video The Naked Choir Episode 3 Bbc Two}    ab 1.39
38Va Todo Al Ganador  (NINA)  {Spanish Video Que Tiempo Tan Feliz}    ab 9.07
39ABBA Medley  (WATERLOO)  {Video Show Tribute To ABBA A Ti Lascio Una Canzone}    ab 5.56
40Super Trouper  (GIOVINETTO)  {Video TV3 Oh Happy Day}    ab 2.43
41When All Is Said And Done  (Magnus CARLSSON)  {Video Nyhetsmorgon}    ab 3.41
42Slipping Through My Fingers  (Sonja ALDÉN)  {Video Nyhetsmorgon}    ab 3.39
43Lay All Your Love On Me  (LE SET BARRÉ)  {Video}    ab 4.21
44Like An Angel Passing Through My Room  (CELTIC WOMAN)  {Video Live In Dublin}    ab 5.22
45Dancing Queen  (CLASH OF THE CHOIRS)  {Video Live TV}    ab 2.46
46The Winner Takes It All  (TULSA+Xoel LÓPEZ)  {Video Live Oh! My Lol Son Estrella Galicia}    ab 2.54
47Voulez-Vous  (STAND UP BAND)  {Video}    ab 4.01
48The Winner Takes It All  (Sabina SLEPCÍKOVÁ)  {Video Superstar}    ab 2.17
49Energisk ABBA Kopi  (ABBA CZ REVIVAL)  {Video}    ab 3.29
50Eagle  (ABBATIME)  {Video Live TV}    ab 3.43
51Va Todo Al Ganador  (Daniel DIGES)  {Spanish Video Mitele (Telecinco)}    ab 2.52
52Chiquitita  (Éva CSEPREGI)  {Czech Video Fem3 Cafe}    ab 4.00
53Mamma Mia  (Iulia GRAMA)  {Video Internet Parody}    ab 3.30
54ABBA Christmas Party  (_ABBA (RELATED))  {Video}    ar
    Waterloo  (The FEELING)  {Video ABBA Christmas Party}    ab
    Take A Chance On Me  {Video ABBA Christmas Party}    ab
    The Winner Takes It All  {Video ABBA Christmas Party}    ab
    I Have A Dream  (Daniel O'DONNELL)  {Video ABBA Christmas Party}    ab
    Voulez-Vous  (Nadine COYLE)  {Video ABBA Christmas Party}    ab
    Super Trouper  {Video ABBA Christmas Party}    ab
    Does Your Mother Know  (GIRLS FROM EMMERDALE)  {Video ABBA Christmas Party}    ab
    Thank You For The Music  (Susan BOYLE)  {Video ABBA Christmas Party}    ab
    Mamma Mia  (MAMMA MIA)  {Video Medley ABBA Christmas Party}    mm
    Dancing Queen  (MAMMA MIA)  {Video ABBA Christmas Party}    mm
55Live  (ABBAMANIA UK)  {Video}    ab
    The Name Of The Game  (ABBAMANIA UK)  {Video Live}    ab
    S.O.S.  (ABBAMANIA UK)  {Video Live}    ab
    Voulez-Vous  (ABBAMANIA UK)  {Video Live}    ab
56Dancing Queen  (PELLEK)  {Video}    ab 3.21
57What'S The Name Of The Dame  (_ABBA (RELATED))  {Only Videoclips}    ar 31.48
58Thank You For The Music  (MARIETHA)  {Video}    ab 3.46

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