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British lyricist. Wrote (or co-wrote) lyrics for Chess with Björn & Benny, 1983/84.

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I Know Them So Well The Best Of Tim Rice
CD 1994

1The Golden Boy  (Freddie MERCURY+Montserrat CABALLÉ) 5.10
2Oh What A Circus  (David ESSEX) 3.50
3I Know Him So Well  (Chess+Elaine PAIGE+Barbara DICKSON)  {Original Version}    ch 4.14
4Don'T Cry For Me Argentina  (Julie COVINGTON)    hs 5.25
5Everything'S Alright  (Yvonne ELLIMAN+Ian GILLAN)  {Other Version}    ag 4.09
6I Don'T Know How To Love Him  (Yvonne ELLIMAN)    ag 3.40
7Ziggy  (Céline DION) 2.56
8All Time High  (Rita COOLIDGE) 2.58
9The World Is Stone  (Cyndi LAUPER) 3.57
10One Night In Bangkok  (Chess+Murray HEAD)  {Remastered}    ch 5.01
11Another Suitcase In Another Hall  (Barbara DICKSON+Colm C.T. WILKINSON) 3.00
12Any Dream Will Do  (Jason DONOVAN) 3.51
13The Second Time  (Elaine PAIGE) 4.07
14The Least Of My Troubles  (Paul NICHOLAS+Sharon LEE HILL) 3.57
15Close Every Door  (Phillip SCHOFIELD) 3.01
16Song Of The King  (David DALTREY+The MIXED BAG+Tim RICE) 2.56
17A Winter'S Tale  (David ESSEX) 4.10
18The Legal Boys  (Elton JOHN) 3.06
19Only The Very Best  (Peter KINGSBERY) 3.34
20Superstar  (Murray HEAD+The TRINIDAD SINGERS)    aa 4.16
21A Whole New World  (Peabo BRYSON) 4.04


Collection Stage And Screen Classics
CD 1996

1Close Every Door  (Gary BOYD)  
2Any Dream Will Do  (Gary BOYD)  
3Heaven On Their Minds  (Carl ANDERSON) 4.22
4I Don'T Know How To Love Him  (Yvonne ELLIMAN)    ag 3.40
5Gethsemane  (Ian GILLAN)  {(I Only Want To Say)}    af 5.35
6A Resurrection  (Emily SALIERS+Michael LORANT+Amy RAY+CICADA SINGS)  {Jesus Christ Superstar}
    Everything'S Alright  (CICADA+Michael LORANT+Amy RAY+Emily SALIERS+CICADA SINGS)  {Medley}    ag
7Superstar  (Murray HEAD+The TRINIDAD SINGERS)    aa 4.18
8Oh What A Circus  (David ESSEX) 3.57
9Don'T Cry For Me Argentina  (Julie COVINGTON)    hs 5.27
10High Flying, Adored  (Julie COVINGTON+Colm C.T. WILKINSON)  {Evita}  
11Another Suitcase In Another Hall  (Barbara DICKSON+Colm C.T. WILKINSON) 4.33
12All Time High  (Rita COOLIDGE) 3.01
13The Least Of My Troubles  (Paul NICHOLAS+Sharon LEE HILL) 4.00
14One Night In Bangkok  (Chess+Murray HEAD+Anders GLENMARK)  {Original Version}    ch 5.00
15I Know Him So Well  (Chess+Elaine PAIGE+Barbara DICKSON)  {Original Version}    ch 6.02
16A Whole New World  (Brad KANE+Lea SALONGA)  
17Circle Of Life  (Lebo M+Carmen TWILLIE)  
18Can You Feel The Love Tonight  (Elton JOHN)    ar  


Lo Mejor De Tim Rice
CD 2011

1Aladdin'S Theme  (_INCONNU)  {A Whole New World}  
2Blond  (_INCONNU)  {The Least Of My Trouble}  
3Jesus Christ Superstar Medley  (_INCONNU)  
4Celine Dion Medley  (_INCONNU)  
5I Know Him So Well  (_ABBA (RELATED))  {Chess}    ch  
6One Night In Bangkok  (_ABBA (RELATED))  {Chess}    ch  
7Son - Various  (David DALTREY)  
8A Winter'S Tale  (David ESSEX)
    Another Suitcase In Another Hall  (_INCONNU)  {Evita}
9The Second Time  (Elaine PAIGE)
    Don'T Cry For Me Argentina  (_ABBA (RELATED))  {Evita}    ar
10The Legal Boys  (Elton JOHN)
    Oh What A Circus  (_INCONNU)  {Evita}
11Another Suitcase In Another Hall  (_INCONNU)  {Evita}
    Any Dream Will Do  (_INCONNU)  {Joseph And The A.T. Dreamcoast}
12Don'T Cry For Me Argentina  (_ABBA (RELATED))  {Evita}    ar
    Close Every Door  (_INCONNU)  {Joseph & The A.T. Dreamcoast}
13Oh What A Circus  (_INCONNU)  {Evita}
    Time Hig  (_INCONNU)  {German}
14Any Dream Will Do  (_INCONNU)  {Joseph And The A.T. Dreamcoast}  
15Close Every Door  (_INCONNU)  {Joseph & The A.T. Dreamcoast}  
16The Golden Boy  (Freddie MERCURY+Montserrat CABALLÉ) 5.10
17Time Hig  (_INCONNU)  {German}  
18Superstar  (Murray HEAD+The TRINIDAD SINGERS)    aa 4.15
19Only The Very Best  (Peter KINGSBERY) 3.34



Legend for the Songs
OfficialBootlegLive or Unknow

Andrew Marr Show Benny Andersson+Tim Rice 2017Singer
Breakfast Time Interview Björn Ulvaeus+Tim Rice 1984Singer
Interview On Chess 2001Singer
Itv Interview Björn & Benny+Tim Rice 2018Singer
Mamma Mia Presentation Tim Rice+Stellan Skarsgĺrd 2009Singer
Personal Introductions By Agnetha, Benny, Bjorn And Anni-Frid 2003Singer
Unknow Song 1984Singer

Alias or Working Title

Legend for the Songs
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Anthem Chess 1981Autor
Der Kleine Franz Chess 1986Autor
Every Good Man Needs A Helping Hand ABBA 1983Autor
Heaven Help My Heart Chess 1983Autor
Nationalsĺnget ABBA 1981Autor
Opus 10 ABBA 1981Autor
Someone Else'S Story Chess 1979Autor

Associate to the Song

Legend for the Songs
OfficialBootlegLive or Unknow

1956 Budapest Is Rising Chess+Adam Pascal+Idina Menzel 2008Autor
A Sakk Történrte Chess 2015Autor
A Taste Of Pity Chess 1992Autor
A Whole New Board Game Chess 1988Autor
Act One Finale Chess 1991Autor
Aftalen Chess 2018Autor
Aki Nem Más, Mint Én Chess 2015Autor
Alku 1 Chess 2015Autor
Alku 2 Chess 2015Autor
Alku 3 Chess 2015Autor
Alle Tenker Kun Pĺ Seg Sjřlv Chess 2006Autor
Alles Is Nu Veilig _Various 2005Autor
Alles Kamp Mod Alle Chess 2018Autor
Allting Ska Bli Bra Gunilla Backman+Jonas Eskilsson 2010Autor
Allting Skall Bli Bra Frida 1971Autor
Ambassade-Klage Chess 2006Autor
Ambitions Chess 2003Autor
Anatoly And The Press Chess+Josh Groban 2008Autor
Anatoly Och Molokov Chess+Per Myrberg+Tommy Körberg 2002Autor
Another Argument Chess 1992Autor
Arbiter'S Song Chess 1992Autor
Argument Chess+Elaine Paige+Tommy Körberg 1984Autor
Attempted Reconciliation Chess 1991Autor
Avtalen Chess 2006Autor
Bangkok -One Night In Bangkok Chess 2003Autor
Bei Nacht In Bangkok Jurgen Drews 1984Autor
Bevezetés Chess 2015Autor
Budapest Is Rising Chess 1990Autor
Budapest Lázad Chess 2015Autor
Bíró Chess 2015Autor
Can You Feel The Love Tonight Patricia Paay 1995Autor
Capablanca Chess 2002Autor
Che Si Dice, Che Strano Mistificare _Various 2008Autor
Chess Chess+London Symphony Orchestra 1984Autor
Chess #2 Chess 1992Autor
Chess Game Chess 2008Autor
Chess Game #2 Chess 2008Autor
Chess Hymn Chess 1995Autor
Chess Intro Chess 1995Autor
Chess Medley Chess 2013Autor
Chess Sakk Production Chess 2015Autor
Chess-Highlights Benny Berthelsen+Křbenhavns Kommunes Skoleorkester 1995Autor
Cocktail Chorus Chess 1991Autor
Commic Newspapers Chess 1989Autor
Crilu' In Bangkok H.P. Project 2002Autor
Cuéntanos Miquel Fernandez 2007Autor
Das Musical Chess 2015Autor
Das Musical Chess 2016 {(Opera Graz)}Autor
De Tempel _Various 2005Autor
Den Sovjetiske Maskin Chess 2006Autor
Der Kleine Franz & Mountain Duet Benny Andersson 2015Autor
Der Kleine Klaus ABBA 1986Autor
Der, Hvor Jeg Vil Vćre Chess 2018Autor
Difficult And Dangerous Times Chess+Idina Menzel+David Bedella+Clarke Peters 2008Autor
Dinos Lo Que Va A Pasar Camilo Sesto+Angela Carrasco 1988Autor
Diplomats Chess 2003Autor
Dommaren Chess 2006Autor
Don'T Cry For Me Argentina Olivia Newton-John 1977Autor
Draum Og Visjonar Chess 2006Autor
Drömmar Av Glas Chess+Helen Sjöholm+Tommy Körberg 2002Autor
Du Og Eg Chess 2006Autor
Du Og Jeg Chess 2018Autor
Duet Pĺ Bjerget Chess 2018Autor
Duo Jag Benny Andersson 1994Autor
Där Jag Ville Vara Chess+Tommy Körberg 2002Autor
Een In Mokum Dingetje 2002Autor
Eg Veit Kva Han Vil Chess 2006Autor
Egy Éjjel Bangkokban Szemenyei János 2010Autor
El Templo Camilo Sesto 1988Autor
Embassy Lament Chess+Peter Bamber+Alan Byers+Leslie Fyson+Vernon Midgley 1984Autor
En Anden Piges Historie Chess 2018Autor
En Helt Ny Värld Janne Schaffer+Norrkoping Symphony Orchestra 2021Autor
Endgame Chess+Tommy Körberg+Murray Head+Elaine Paige+Barbara Dickson 1984Autor
Entr'Acte Chess 2001Autor
Epilogue Chess+Elaine Paige+Tommy Körberg+Barbara Dickson 1984Autor
Epilogue Exit Music Chess 1992Autor
Es Más Que Amor Angela Carrasco 1988Autor
Eu Năo Sei Como Amá-Lo Negra Li 2015Autor
Everything'S Alright Yvonne Elliman+Carl Anderson+Ted Neeley 1970Autor
Eyes Of A Young Man Chess+Karin Glenmark 1984Autor
Fanfare Chess 2008Autor
Finale Chess 1990Autor
Fjellduetten Chess 2006Autor
Florence And Molokov Chess+Idina Menzel+David Bedella 2008Autor
Florence Lämnar Freddie Chess+Anders Ekborg+Helen Sjöholm 2002Autor
Florence Quits Chess+Elaine Paige 1984Autor
Florences Afsked Chess 2018Autor
Forog A Kerék Egyházi Géza 2010Autor
Freddie Goes Metal Chess 1990Autor
Freddie Trekk Seg Chess 2006Autor
Freddie'S Entrance Chess 1990Autor
Freddies Tantrum Chess 2006Autor
Fřr Ein Gong Chess 2006Autor
Gethsemane Carl Anderson 1973Autor
Gethsemani _Various 1973Autor
Getsemani Camilo Sesto 1988Autor
Global Television Chess 2008Autor
Glöm Mig Om Du Kan Chess+Per Myrberg 2002Autor
Golden Bangkok Chess 2008Autor
Han Är En Man, Han Är Ett Barn Chess+Josefin Nilsson 2002Autor
He Is A Man, He Is A Child Reidun Saether 2015Autor
He'S A Man, He'S A Child Sarah Dawn Finer 2014Autor
Hegyi Duett Chess 2015Autor
Himnusz Egyházi Géza 2010Autor
Historien Om Schack Chess+Tommy Körberg 2002Autor
Historien Om Skak Chess 2018Autor
Hjelp Mitt Hjerte Chess 2006Autor
Hoe Moet Ik Van Hem Houden _Various 2005Autor
Hos Dommaren Chess 2006Autor
How Many Women Chess+Judy Kuhn+Phillip Casanoff 1988Autor
How Many Women? Chess 1988Autor
Hungarian Folk Song Chess+Chess Orchestra 1988Autor
Hymn Of Chess Chess 2003Autor
Hymn To Chess Chess 2001Autor
Hymne Chess 2006Autor
I Don'T Know How To Love Him Yvonne Elliman 1971Autor
I Getsemane Arne Jansson 1995Autor
I Know Him So Well Chess+Elaine Paige+Barbara Dickson 1984Autor
I Mitt Hjärtas Land Tommy Körberg 2002Autor
I Templet Agnetha Fältskog 1972Autor
Ich Kann Ihn Verstehen Angelika Milster+Dagmar Hellberg 1985Autor
Idyllen Brytes Chess 2006Autor
Il Tempio _Various 1965Autor
Instrumental Medley Chess 2003Autor
Inte Jag Chess+Helen Sjöholm 2002Autor
Interjú Chess 2015Autor
Interview Chess+Clarke Peters+Adam Pascal+Josh Groban 2008Autor
Intervjuet Chess 2006Autor
Introduction Chess 1984Autor
Isten Óvd Szívem Sári Éva 2010Autor
Ja O Nem Vim Sve Petra Janu+Hana Zagorova 1986Autor
Jag Vet Vad Han Vill Chess+Josefin Nilsson+Helen Sjöholm 2002Autor
Jag Vill Se Schack Chess+Rolf Skoglund 2002Autor
Jeder Gegen Jeden Allein Angelika Milster+Mats Hellgreen 1984Autor
Jesucristo Superstar Operacion Triunfo 2005Autor
Jesus Christ Superstar Roger Pontare 1985Autor
Jesus Christ Superstar Mix Agnetha & Frida 2016Autor
Jesus-Christ Superstar Medley Agnetha & Frida 2013Autor
Kom Op Nou _Various 2005Autor
Kommunistaviser Chess 2006Autor
Krangelen Chess 2006Autor
Kvartett Chess+Per Myrberg+Helen Sjöholm+Rolf Skoglund+Tommy Körberg 2002 {(A Model Of Decorum And Tranquility)}Autor
Känn En Doft Av Kärleken Lisa Ajax 2019Autor
Követségen Chess 2015Autor
La Chanson D'Evita Jean-Michel De France 1977Autor
La Chanson De Marie Madeleine Petula Clark 2000Autor
La Historia De Otra Vida Natalie Perez 2013Autor
Lady Bird/Tomorrow ABBA 1979Autor
Le Temple _Various 1973Autor
Let'S Work Together Chess 1988Autor
Lo Conozco Bien Melania Lenoir+Natalia Cociuffo 2011Autor
Lo Conozco Muy Bien Marisol Otero+Flor Otero 2013Autor
Lo Creo Conocer Chess+Elaine Paige+Barbara Dickson 1984Autor
Lullaby Chess+Neal Ben-Ari+Judy Kuhn 1988 {(Apukád Erós Kezén)}Autor
Lämna Inga Dörrar Pĺ Glänt Chess+Helen Sjöholm 2002Autor
Ma Éjjel Bangkok Chess 2015Autor
Maria Madalena _Various 2008Autor
Medley Allting Ska Bli Bra & Vad Gör Jag Med Min Kärlek Frida 1971Autor
Medley I Know Him So Well & Anthem Band Berner Oberland Brass+James Gourlay 2020Autor
Medley Someone Else'S Story & Where I Want To Be Walter Lochmann+Andrea Malek 2010Autor
Merano Chess+London Symphony Orchestra+The Ambrosian Singers 1984Autor
Merchandiser'S Song Chess 1995Autor
Merchandisers Chess+The Ambrosian Singers 1984Autor
Meránó Repríz Chess 2015Autor
Mit Hjertes Land Chess 2018Autor
Molokov And Anatoly Chess 2001Autor
Molokov And Florence Chess 2008Autor
Mountain Duet Chess+Elaine Paige+Tommy Körberg 1984Autor
Már Ismerem Ot Chess 2015Autor
Még Egy Ellenfél Chess 2015Autor
Möte Pĺ En Bro Chess+Helen Sjöholm+Tommy Körberg 2002Autor
Negaciones De Pedro Guillermo Anton+Angela Carrasco 1988Autor
Nehéz Idok Chess 2015Autor
Neplac Pro Mne, Argentino Helena Vondrackova 2012Autor
Ni Dömer Mig Chess+Tommy Körberg+Josefin Nilsson 2002Autor
No Contest Chess+Dennis Parlato+Phillip Casanoff 1988Autor
No Deal Philip Jalmelid+Anders Ekborg+Gunilla Backman 2014Autor
No Llores For Mí Argentina Idaira 2005Autor
No Llores Por Mi, Argentina Nacha Guevara 1977Autor
No Se Como Amarle Jeane Manson 1977Autor
No Sé Cómo Quererle Lorena Calero 2007Autor
Nobody'S Side Chess+Elaine Paige 1984Autor
Nokon Annans Parasitt Chess 2006Autor
Non So Che Amore Sia _Various 2008Autor
Nu Ser Jeg Ham Klart Chess 2018Autor
Nu Skall Du Bli Stilla Agnetha Fältskog 1972Autor
Nyitány Chess 2015Autor
Om Han Var Här Chess+Helen Sjöholm 2002Autor
One More Opponent Chess+Josh Groban+Idina Menzel 2008Autor
One Night In Bangkok Chess+Murray Head+Anders Glenmark 1984Autor
Opening Ceremony Chess+London Symphony Orchestra 1984Autor
Ouvertyr Chess 2002Autor
Overture Chess 1991Autor
Paternal Supervisor Chess 1984Autor
Peter'S Denial Yvonne Elliman 1973Autor
Petrus Förnekar Jesus Agnetha Fältskog 1973Autor
Piano Impromptu Chess 1984Autor
Pity The Child Chess+Murray Head 1984Autor
Press Conference Chess 1984Autor
Pressekonferansen Chess 2006Autor
Prologue Chess 1987Autor
Prologue Chess 2008Autor
Pĺ Folketeateret Medley Chess 2020Autor
Pĺ Svenska Teatern Chess 2019Autor
Quartet Chess+Tommy Körberg+Elaine Paige+Denis Quilley+Björn Skifs 1984 {(A Model Of Decorum And Tranquility)}Autor
Quartet Hymn Chess 1992Autor
Resigna Chess 1992Autor
Rock Meránó Chess 2015Autor
Sajtótájékoztató Chess 2015Autor
Sakk Musical Júliusban 2019 Chess 2019Autor
Sakkjátszma 1 Chess 2015Autor
Sakkjátszma 2 Chess 2015Autor
Sakkjátszma 3 Chess 2015Autor
Selection From Chess Banda Sinfónica La Artística Buńol+Astrid Crone+Henrie Adams 2006Autor
Senki Nincs Sári Éva 2010Autor
Senki Nincs Melletted Chess 2015Autor
Sluttspelet Chess 2006Autor
Slĺ Mitt Hjärta Slĺ Chess 2002Autor
Soviet Machine _Various 2020Autor
Spel 1 Chess 2006Autor
Spel 2 Chess 2006Autor
Spilling Holiday Chess 1984Autor
Stakkels Det Barn Chess 2018Autor
Superstar Carl Anderson 1973Autor
Superstar Playout _Various 2004Autor
Svetlana'S Story No Contest Chess 1992Autor
Szakítás Chess 2015Autor
Szegény Kissrác 1 Chess 2015Autor
Szovjet Gépezet Chess 2015Autor
Talking Chess Chess+Josh Groban+Adam Pascal 2008Autor
Te És Én Egyházi Géza+Sári Éva 2010Autor
Telefonsamtalen Chess 2006Autor
Terrace Duet Chess+Judy Kuhn+David Carroll 1988Autor
The American And Florence Chess+Murray Head+Elaine Paige 1984Autor
The Arbiter Chess+Björn Skifs 1984Autor
The Arbiter Chambers Chess 1987Autor
The Deal Chess+Elaine Paige+Murray Head+Tommy Körberg+Denis Quilley 1984 {(No Deal)}Autor
The Golden Bangkok Chess 2018Autor
The Interview Chess 2003Autor
The Russian And Molokov Chess+Tommy Körberg+Denis Quilley 1984Autor
The Soviet Machine Chess 1987Autor
The Story Of Chess Chess+Elaine Paige+Tommy Körberg+Barbara Dickson 1984Autor
The Temple Carl Anderson 1973Autor
The U.S. Vs U.S.S.R. Chess 1992Autor
The World Chess Champions Chess 1984Autor
Tim Rice'S Introduction Chess 2008Autor
Todo Esta Bien Lorena Calero 2007Autor
Todo Estará En Paz Angela Carrasco+Camilo Sesto+Teddy Bautista 1988Autor
Tournament Song Chess 1991Autor
Tout Ira Bien Anne-Marie David 1973Autor
Tutto Va Bene _Various 2008Autor
U.S. Vs U.S.S.R. Chess 1988Autor
Un Monde Irréel Tempokids 2009Autor
Ungarn Er I Opprřr Chess 2006Autor
Ungren '56 Chess+Helen Sjöholm+Anders Ekborg 2002Autor
Vad Gör Jag Med Min Kärlek Frida 1971Autor
Vad Star Pa Bruno Wintzel+Agnetha Fältskog 1973Autor
Valaki Más Története Kecskés Tímea 2010Autor
Vart Skall Min Kärlek Föra? Agnetha Fältskog 1972Autor
Vem Kunde Ana Chess+Anders Ekborg+Tommy Körberg+Helen Sjöholm 2002Autor
Vem Ser Ett Barn Chess+Anders Ekborg 2002Autor
Vern Om Det Barn Chess 2006Autor
Végjáték 1 Chess 2015Autor
Végjáték 2 Chess 2015Autor
Végjáték 3 Chess 2015Autor
Walter And Florence Chess+Clarke Peters+Idina Menzel 2008Autor
Walter Og Florence Chess 2006Autor
Wein' Nicht Um Mich, Argentinien Angelika Milster 1985Autor
What A Scene! Chess 1988Autor
What A Scene! What A Joy! Chess 2008Autor
What'S The Buzz Ted Neeley+Yvonne Elliman 1973Autor
Whats The Buzz ,Strange Thing, Mystifying _Various 1996Autor
Where I Want To Be Chess+Tommy Körberg+Denis Quilley 1984Autor
Who Needs A Dream Chess 2008Autor
Who'D Ever Think It Chess 1990Autor
Wie Soll Ich Ihn Nur Lieben Angelika Milster 1985Autor
Yo No Se Como Amarle Paloma San Basilio 2008Autor
You And I Chess+Elaine Paige+Tommy Körberg+Barbara Dickson 1984Autor
You Want To Lose Your Only Friend ? Chess+Judy Kuhn+Phillip Casanoff 1988Autor
Újságok Chess 2015Autor

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